Thursday, November 9, 2006

Just for Fun

Borrowed this from Kat.

1. You get to live the life of a character in any book. Who’s life would you live??

Any book? I can't think of any because I just don't read much fiction. Well, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" just popped into my head, but that is probably a little too close to my real life since I have to take care of four other people already. Oh, I know! I would be God in the Bible. ;-) LOL

2. I am taking you out to dinner. My treat, and the sky is the limit. What do you order, and where do we go?

Really, I'm not hard to please and don't require expensive meals to eat well. I would enjoy trying some new kind of food as long as it's not too exotic (no bugs or anything like that) or hot and spicy (I have a sensitive palate).

3. You have to eradicate a color, a number, a letter and a vegetable from this planet. What would they be, and why??

Do I have to? I don't think I could eliminate any color without that totally screwing up the visible light spectrum, or would it? Maybe I could kill "invisible" if you count that as a color. ;-) And I know of no number that we could live without. Just can't do it. The letter Q is probably not completely necessary, but I'd hate to kill it. And I agree with Kat about turnips. Ick. Kill them all!

4. You get to have a whole day to yourself, and spend as much money as you want. What would you do?

Buy a few more days. ;-)

5. You are another race. What did you choose and why?

I'd be Native American because I've always felt a strong affinity to their culture and everything ever since I can remember.

6. You get to decide the religion of the world.. everyone will follow it. What would it be?

See the answer to question number 1. LOL It would be Rae Annism. (waiting for the lightning bolt to strike)

7. I give you a pencil, paper and wave some creative faerie dust on you, what do you make?

The Answer to All Questions.

8. If you could go back in your life, what would you change??

I would have bought the houseboat I wanted right after I got out of college. I've never really lived totally on my own.

9. Your life is falling apart. Seriously falling to pieces.. no dramatics. You are losing your job, your house, your spouse, everything is on the verge of crashing. What would you do?

Pick up whatever pieces I wanted and start over. What else can you do?

10. Just for fun, you get to ask any question to me. And I will try my best to answer. What will you ask?

Who am I asking what? I'm tired of asking questions. Just give me some answers, dammit. ;-) But feel free to ask me anything, and I'll give you some kind of answer. lol

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