Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Random Soundtrack

Here's a fun new game. Open your electronic music library (from your iPod, WinAmp, Media Player or whatever), put it on shuffle, then play. Each successive random song from your library goes to the next question or event on the list. Here's my totally random list:

Opening Credits: "(You're The) Devil in Disguise" by Elvis (Great beginning! lol)

Waking Up: "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston (interesting mental pictures)

1st Day at School: "Strawberry Letter 23" by the Brothers Johnson (kind of strange)

Falling in Love: "Oceans" by Pearl Jam ("hold onto the thread")

Fight Song: "Hair of the Dog" Guns N Roses version (perfect!)

Breaking Up: "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" by The Gap Band (heh)

Prom: "Under the Milky Way" by The Church (kind of cool)

Life: "Please Don't Go" by KC and the Sunshine Band (weird)

Mental Breakdown: "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire (hilarious!)

Driving: "What's Love Got To Do With It?" by Tina Turner (potentially a dangerous driving song, lol)

Flashback: "Thank You" by Dido (kind of sweet)

Getting Back Together: "Wasted On The Way" by Crosby, Stills & Nash ("So much time to make up, everywhere you turn, time we have wasted on the way")

Wedding: "Nice To Be You" by Gallery (that's a good wedding song)

Love Scene: "Saved By Zero" by The Fixx (quirky)

Birth of Child: "Naughty Girl" by Beyonce (not a good fit at all)

Final Battle: "Love Machine" by The Miracles (make love not war, lol)

Death Scene: "Calling Doctor Love" by KISS (well, that's an odd death scene song)

Funeral Song: "Better Be Good To Me" by Tina Turner (that is WAY off for a funeral)

End Credits: "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the GoGos (kind of anticlimactic)

Some of that worked out nice, and some didn't. But I think Quentin Tarantino and I could write a funny script around it. ;-)

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