Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hard Hearted?

Gorillas are dying and could end up extinct soon if ebola and hunting continue. Well, the hunting is one thing, but the ebola is quite another. Now, I don't mean to sound very hard hearted, but shouldn't we let Nature take its course if there is a disease that is eliminating an evolutionary dead end? How many species of primates have gone extinct so far? Is it really in the best interest of the planet to try to "save" every species that has probably lived out its course of life here? Perhaps it's in the best interest of the planet to let the gorillas die off and maybe the ebola virus with them? It is believed that humans contract ebola from the gorillas. Well, don't we kill off cows that have mad cow disease to keep it from spreading? And don't we kill off birds that carry the bird flu? Are we not supposed to protect our own population from real threats such as ebola, or is it more important to cut our CO2 emmissions? If you ask me I think ebola is much more threatening to human life (and that of other animals) than some mythical global warming. Sure, sometimes we like gorillas more than cows and birds because we think they are more like us. But how much like us are they really? I don't know the genetic information on that and I'm not looking it up right now.

Well, this isn't a Sunday Sermonette, not yet anyway. I might modify it later. ;-)

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