Saturday, January 13, 2007

News of the Week

First of all I am so happy that the missing Missouri boy has been found alive. What great news! And even more miraculous is that another boy who had been missing four years was also found at the same place. It seems clear to me that anyone who preys upon children is subhuman and doesn't have the same rights as normal people.

On a much sadder note, two families here are mourning the most horrible murders of a young couple. Four black men are charged with the abduction and murders of a young white couple, 21 year old Channon Christian and 23 year old Chris Newsom.

Apparently, what started as a car-jacking ended up in two murders. The only reason I mention the race issue is because we all know that if it had been a young black couple murdered by four white men the crime would have been all over the national news just like the false rape of a black woman by however many white men (Duke lacrosse team case).

Well, my deepest sympathy goes to the families who have lost their beautiful children. I just can't imagine the pain and sorrow they must be feeling. And my sympathy goes to the families of the murderers, too, because it must be a very horrible feeling to know that your relative has done something so bad.

Lastly, on the person front, I'm suffering from pleurisy. It's probably the result of the bad cold (or flu) I had over the Christmas holidays, but I'm just guessing. I have to go to the doctor again on Monday to make sure it is responding to the antibiotics.

They gave me a bit of a scare yesterday after taking the chest x-ray. They immediately sent me to the hospital for a CT scan to make sure that I didn't have a pulmonary embolism. The good news is that I don't have that.

Have you ever had a CT scan? They are pretty cool, and the machine looks and sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. The freakiest part was the feeling of the contrast dye being shot through my veins.

Well, I must now go rest my sickly little self.

Illness Update: Spoke with the doctor Monday, and apparently I had pneumonia and didn't know it and so it progressed to pleurisy. I am getting better slowly. At least now I can breathe without pain. I don't know why I get so sick, except maybe I'm some kind of freak who wants to see just how sick I can get before going to the doctor. ;-)

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