Monday, January 29, 2007

Old Stuff: Sticky Notes and a Bible

Did you know that some Post-it notes last for decades and don't lose their stick? Here is proof...

Twenty year old Post-it notes. (inset with clear date) For real. And they still stick just as well as brand new ones. I bought these in 1987 at a paper supply store where I worked for a summer job. I thought they were cute then, but I think they are even cuter now. ;-)

As you can kind of see in the picture my "Pure Bull" notes are used as place markers in a Bible. That's just kind of my own personal ironic joke, but feel free to be amused if you are so moved. ;-)

This is actually my favorite Bible. I received it in 1976 when I was Baptized. It is the "Good News Bible" in Today's English Version and has very groovy 70ish illustrations:

This illustration of Jabob's Dream/Stairway to Heaven had inspired me with a sermonette a few days ago, but the idea has vanished now. So much for Hawking's Information Paradox. ;-)

This has been called a "liberal" translation by some, but it doesn't really matter to me either way. I can read the King James version too. This Bible has a lot of nice extras like maps of the ancient world, a chronology of the Bible, passages from the Septuagint (ancient Greek translation of Old Testament), and various indeces.

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