Monday, January 8, 2007


I really like to read Jonathan Cainer's horoscopes because they usually surprise me with a nice chunk of wisdom or some other thought-provoking thing. I was just checking tomorrow's 'scopes because he usually has them up early. I always check the Aquarius because that is my Sun sign, but I also check the one for Sagittarius because I have three planets or "signs" there (Venus, Moon, Ascendent or Rising Sign) which could make me more Sagittarius than Aquarius since I only have two planets/signs there (Sun and Mercury). This might not be an 'orthodox' method of checking horoscopes, but I guess orthodoxy isn't the biggest concern there. ;-)

Anyway, Tuesday's Sagittarius 'scope really freaked me out!

Tuesday, 9th January 2007

(Nov 23 - Dec 21)
'Put on a happy face.' 'Smile though your heart is breaking.' 'Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and smile, smile, smile.' The songwriters are unanimous. The thing to do when you find yourself in times of trouble is to let it be. To some extent this puts them in direct conflict with the psychotherapists who are strongly of the opinion that emotions must be honestly expressed at all times. Whose advice should you take? It doesn't much matter. Soon your problem will be fixed!

I bolded the part that is so freaky because just yesterday I posted the lyrics to the Beatles song "Let It Be." Do you think that Jonathan Cainer might be reading my lyrics blog? ;-) Or maybe Mother Mary came to him yesterday too? Wonders never cease!

By the way the Aquarius scope for tomorrow wasn't up yet, as of my writing this.

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