Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Little Car Talk

Well, not that we really want or need to take on any new car payments right now, but since we are patriotic Americans we were thinking that it might be good to stimulate the eonomy and buy new a car (my birthday is also an excuse). So I started looking online at all the different American auto-makers' sites to see what is out there. Honestly, there wasn't much to interest me. Mainly, I am not looking to replace my family car, a 2003 Expedition which I still like a lot and it's paid for, or my fun car, the Corvette. If I'm going to get a car right now it has to be something really cool and worth the trouble of a new payment.

I do like the Cadillac Escalade, but it's basically the same thing as the Expedition and I don't really want/need another SUV. I also like the Saturn Sky, but it's pretty much the same as the Corvette. The only other car that looked good was the Dodge Challenger. I like its retro late 60s - early 70s design:

So David and the boys went to look at them today while I stayed home to enjoy some peace and quiet. ;-) There must not be too much of a crisis for Dodge if they are expecting people to pay $50,000 for something. Now, I appreciate that the Challenger is their "special" model, but come on... I could buy a brand new Corvette for $50K if I wanted to spend that much. Hello? Earth calling Dodge.

The dealership was closed because it is Sunday so they couldn't talk to any salesmen, but if I had been there and they had been open they would have gotten a real good talking to about the reality. They must not be hurting too bad for sales and money if they think they are going to sell anything for that much money right now. Besides, they've already gotten a bunch of our tax money so that amount should automatically be deducted from the prices. If they really need to make a sale then they would just have to take what they could get. I mean really.

So I won't be buying a new car right now, and so there is that much less stimulation of the economy. Sorry, but if Dodge or GM or whoever is really interested in moving some inventory then they're just gonna have to do better than $50 f-in' K for some nostalgic ride.

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