Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Big Idea

I'll have to think about this a lot more, but I've been reminded that one of my wishes has been to have some kind of center for advanced thinking and creativity, or some such thing. Well, since the economy sucks there isn't any funding for establishing a whole institute right now. But, it might be possible to have a short retreat, or very casual "conference," just to test this idea. Why not? Our place is big enough for a few people and we have the pool and wireless internet and it's pretty and quiet (except for the children sometimes) here which is conducive to thinking and stuff. I don't know. Maybe no one would want to come here? I'm not really much of a hostess and do have some social anxieties, but probably the kinds of people I'd invite wouldn't be too high maintenance or demanding. After all, the point would be to just hang out and talk about whatever comes up and to have time and space for writing or artwork or calculating or otherwise exploring ideas. Hmm, maybe it could be this summer. Would anyone be interested in this kind of thing?

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