Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What can I say? Those speedos don't hide much. ;-) (I'd like to see Eli Manning, and maybe another guy ;-), in those.)

Congratulations to Michael Phelps on his superlative Olympics performances. But he should also be very thankful for Jason Lezak's greatness in the relays.

I've been a little annoyed with some aspects of the Olympics coverage on TV. It's just not right that they don't have any problems showing the beach volleyball women's butts with their bikini bottoms halfway up their cracks, but they just always cut off the shots of the male swimmers so that we can't see their packages in those cute speedos. It's not fair! ;-)

On the subject of swimming I have to say that despite a few cases of aches and pains, after lots of swimming this summer I've been feeling more fit than I have for about 10 years. Well, not that I could do the Rocket Queen again, but we have to consider that my body has survived more than a few major traumas in the last decade, including having two babies. So, at 40, I think I'm in decent condition and even much better than I was at 35. No, I'm not Dara Torres, but she has an entire team of massage and who-knows-what-else therapists keeping her 41 year old body in good working condition. I'm not sure I'd want to look like her anyway. I'm pretty muscular but her arms and shoulders are very mannish and scary-looking to me.

Congrats to all the Olympic athletes!

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