Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick Random Notes

Example of good "defensive treaty":

Neighborhood Watch Programs. Only threatens the people who want to break the laws.

Boltzmann Brains:

Impossible except when trying discuss things in the weird dimension of the internet. What I mean is that a normal intelligent brain can somehow create a disembodied piece of junk that only superficially appears to be the same as the actual physical brain.


It's only racism when it's an American who is supposedly "wrong." But everyone else in the world can say whatever insults against Americans that their Boltzmann's brains can create and that's okay and not racism.

100% agreement/consensus:

Impossible except in the Boltzmann's brains of those who aren't Americans and those who believe in global warming.

Wishful Thinking:

The delusions that keep hope alive.


The road to disappointment.


The nasty reality that hope really does fail and that the world is probably being overtaken by a bunch of Boltzmann's brains (disembodied pieces of junk).

Precautionary Principle:

Hurricane evacuations are NOT an example of misapplication of the precautionary principle because the danger of not evacuating has been clearly demonstrated to be worse than the inconveniences of the evacuations.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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