Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rest In Peace: Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell was Raptured yesterday. He was found collapsed in his office at Liberty University. Despite his somewhat controversial views, which weren't really all that controversial except to the media, he was a fine Christian leader who generally wasn't afraid to speak his Christian Truth even if it wasn't popular or welcome. I can't include myself as a follower of Falwell's very Fundamentalist views, but I can respect the strength of his faith and his willingness to live the Life he preached. (unlike the AntiChrist)

My personal connection to Falwell is that David's cousin graduated from Liberty and became a minister. He officiated our wedding almost sixteen years ago. It was his first wedding he ever performed. I sometimes wonder how many he has done since then and how many have withstood the test of time. Maybe I have created a sense of pressure to succeed on his behalf so that he can claim some kind of efficacy. ;-) To his credit, I must say that his premarital counseling was very effective, and I will always remember and agree with his statement that love ultimately does not keep a marriage together but that commitment does. After all, what do we think is the purpose of vows? Faith and faithfulness are not easy, and so we must make special promises (commitments) to God and each other that we will honor our agreements despite whatever circumstances arise ("for better or worse" and so on). Well, that's the ideal anyway.

I've dedicated a song, Mindy Smith's "Come to Jesus", to Falwell. My sympathy to his family and friends, but I know that although they will miss his earthly presence they know he is where he most wanted to be.

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