Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May First

Last year I ranted about the communist takeover of perfectly good fertility celebrations featuring large May Pole phallic symbols.

This year I'll post a picture of my little hummingbird friend that has returned again this year.

Today my fifth grader's class had a field trip. On Thursday and Friday my other two have field trips. My mom never went on field trips with my classes when I was in school. We didn't go on very many field trips back then anyway, but those feminist "working" mothers couldn't take days off from their jobs to be "school" mothers on the rare occasions. Not that I'm scarred from that experience. I'm not. But I sure am thankful that I don't have to go to some office full of catty women every day and have to miss out on some of my kids' education. And it's nice to get to meet and talk with other mothers like myself who make mothering their primary job. Sorry, I mean no offense to women who work by choice or circumstance, but for my family I am willing to "sacrifice" extra money, nice clothes, and whatever other "benefits" come from outside employment.

And finally Spring has come to stay. Happy May!

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