Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Alien Tomatoes

We have three store-bought tomatoes that are freaking me out. I noticed that they were getting these weird bumps on them, as seen in the first picture. Well, being the curious thing I am I decided to cut one in half to see what was making the bumps. I figured that they might be some kind of fruit fly maggots or something like that. As you can see the tomato is not very over-ripe or anywhere close to rotten. It would still be just fine to eat if it didn't have those strange growths.

In the second picture it looks like worms are growing out of the flesh. It's not worms. It's the seeds sprouting while still inside the tomato.

I have never in my life seen anything like it. And neither has my dad who has grown tomatoes all his life. I'm guessing these are some genetically altered tomatoes that have evolved into self-propagating fruits. While I'm very freaked out and too suspicious of them to eat them I can see how it might be evolutionarily advantageous for a tomato to be able to grow like this. Or maybe they are alien body snatcher tomatoes? Either way I've left it outside to see if the sprouts are going to continue growing and feeding off the "parent" tomato.

Please, if anyone knows anything about this leave me a comment. Thanks!

(And I hope I haven't inadvertently exposed some government secret. Or maybe this is some kind of omen?) ;-)

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