Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why I Love Blogging

1. It's where I can express all my wild ideas and opinions. Back in the day before widespread personal computing and Internet access and blogging, I used to joke with my friends that I'd love to have a newspaper column called, "My Totally Worthless Opinion" because back then for wannabe writers that was as close to blogging as you could hope for. Now I'm a Vicious Momma Hoe and can spread my worthless opinions indiscriminately into the Internet dimension for anyone who cares to catch them. ;-)

2. I've met people from all over the world. How cool this that?! Very! :-) And that they are, for the most part, highly intelligent, educated, and friendly to me is incredibly amazing. Wow, I'm just a housewife in Tennessee, but blogging has put me in touch with people in all walks of life all across the globe. Twenty years ago I never even dreamed of such possibilities!

3. There's an endless supply of amusement about what people are Googling. Example: What happens if your whisker biscuit gets bent. I sometimes feel bad about laughing at these searches because someone is really trying to find out how to fix a bent whisker biscuit. But I just cannot even read the term "whisker biscuit" without cracking up. So, for anyone whose whisker biscuit is bent, I'm very sorry and I sure do hope you find a way to fix it. But I also thank you for giving me a nice chuckle. By the way, my whisker biscuit hasn't ever been bent, that I know of ;-), but I'd say that if it happens it will disrupt aiming accuracy.

Also there have been lots of searches for how to roast pork. My only advice is to take your time. Slow cooking at lower temperatures is the secret to tender, juicy roasts.

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