Sunday, March 11, 2007

Colombian Protests

Currently, Colombian students are violently protesting President Bush's visit. I am quite certain that these students are brainwashed by Communist Socialist and whatever other extremists into believing that the US is evil. Well, if the US is so evil then I think they shouldn't accept the $700,000,000+ aid that the US sends there. We could definitely use that much money here in the US for many causes like border security, tax relief, health care, or any other programs that would benefit American citizens who would probably be somewhat more grateful.

It's very angering to hear about these countries who love our money but hate us. Well, withdraw the money and let them fend for themselves. Piss on them.

I want my roughly $2,000,000 [oops! that was some ultra-liberal math there, ;-), no more posts done in blind anger]. Sorry about that huge error! Move along, nothing to see here...

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