Monday, October 2, 2006

Sick Bastards

First off, if this is an invasion of "privacy" then TOO FUCKING BAD!

Someone with the IP has been looking for "pics of kids tied up." Sick, sick, sick.

And in the wake of the Foley situation there is a new swell of irrational men trying to justify his behavior, just like when Epstein (or what's his name?) was in trouble for similar behavior. Well, that's just plain stupid.

In case CIP decides to delete my "abusive" comments I'll share the exchange here:

Foley is defintely a hypocritical politician that deserves to be fired for unethical behaviour and harassment ... but a "pervert child molestor"? How old was the page? 16. What's the age of consent in DC? 16. Did anything physical take place between the two individuals? No. Unfortunately, the merest rumour of the most marginally underage sex drives some people apoplectic, just as the merest hint of a terrorist threat drives some people to support the suspension of habeas corpus.
Ijon Tichy | 09.30.06 - 4:50 pm | #


Ijon Tichy, you must not be a parent. The page's parents didn't want the issue to be pursued. That doesn't justify not telling the rest of Congress exactly, but if it were your child in this situation you would probably not want to be the cause of a big stink and end up in the spotlight (even 'anonymously'). Have you ever talked with a kid who has been molested? Even one who was molested at the age of 15 or 16? Before you go justifying things due to an arbitrary age of consent you should try to imagine how a young person might feel powerless in this situation. It might *look* like he was an active participate or whatever, but deep down inside I think he was probably too scared to put a stop to it. This is the power of the molester. The pedophile uses the child's fear and powerlessness to manipulate and control. Foley is a sick bastard and I hope he commits suicide.
Rae Ann | Homepage | 10.01.06 - 12:03 pm | #


Rae Ann, your post is a perfect example of rationality going out the door at the merest rumour of pedophilia. For sending harassing emails to a 16 year old male page, you "hope he commits suicide"? Why don't you help him out and put a bullet into his head? No need to pussyfoot around with vain hopes; after all, "what about the children!!??"

Rae Ann, I take it you were never a 16 year old male? If this had happened to me at that age, I would have told all my friends, we would have laughed ourselves silly about it. That's assuming my friends were at home, and not out getting drunk, smoking weed, or rolling in the hay with Mary-Sue. I would have told my supervisor and my parents, too, because a 16 year old is smart enough to recognise unethical behaviour.

Unless the page had led an extremely sheltered and mollycoddled life (now that would be child abuse), words like "child", "scared", "molested", and "powerless" simply do not belong in this discussion. They are political words intended to incite us to irrational hatred. Keep your pitchfork at home.
Ijon Tichy | 10.01.06 - 9:27 pm | #


Tichy, obviously, you are just as sick as Foley if you think that all 16 year old males are as degenerate as you (and supposedly your friends) were at that age. No, I've never been a 16 year old male that I can recall, but I've known plenty of them and your characterization of them is just as ill-defined and way-off as your confusion about my garden tool of choice. It's a hoe, not a pitch fork.

I suppose you're one of those idiots who thinks it would be way cool to have sex with a hot teacher like those who were molesting their male students? Well, unfortunately for you, the only teachers who would really want you would be the old, fat, ugly ones because the pretty predators don't want the 'willing' (because there is no 'challenge' or 'power' it that, those are not "political words"). You'll never understand the psychology behind sexual predators. I hope you don't have children. But if you do you'll probably get a good dose of Karma which will teach you how wrong you are. My pity to your children in that case.

It's men like you who have no moral center who are responsible for the atmosphere that encourages corrupt behavior. Yeah, I had sex at 16... with another teenager, not an adult. Any adult over the age of 21 who can't find another *adult* to have sex with is just a pathetic piece of shit.

Pedophilia IS IRRATIONAL. Dumbass. There is no RATIONAL justification for having sex or wanting to have sex with children. Man, you just make a mother really SICK. And I'm sure you enjoy that, don't you? Asswipe.

And in reply to "extremely sheltered and mollycoddled life (now that would be child abuse)"? Exactly HOW is THAT any more RATIONAL than anything I've said???

Tichy should line up with Foley for that bullet to the head... ;-)

Happy Monday!

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