Monday, September 11, 2006

A Solemn (and angry) Day

Five years ago today I was playing with my youngest who was one year old. The TV was on with the CBS morning show. Don't ask why CBS because it's irrelevant. I heard the commotion after the first plane hit. They were speculating that a small commuter plane had maybe gotten disoriented and crashed into the building. We were so innocent and optimistic that it had to be an accident. Then as we were watching the burning building we saw the second plane hit. It was clearly no accident.

Stunned and sick all held my son and cried.

Then the fear set in. What was next? Then we heard the report of the Pentagon crash. My God, what was happening? It seemed the beginning of the End. Maybe it was.

Anyone who is overly sensitive should stop reading now. I really mean it.

I hate the stupid ragheads that did this. I hate the idiots who think they can negotiate with them. The Islamic Jihadists would just as soon kill us as look at us. Get that through your stupid skulls. On Sept. 11, 2001, they wanted to destroy us. And five years later they still do. I would personally put a gun to any of their ragheads and blow their fucking brains out. I'm a born Rebel.* And with a Rebel Yell I will fight to the death for my freedom and that of my children and even the lilly ass Liberals who think they can hug away our enemies. Yes, I'm a terrifying Hillbilly. You better believe it. No better friend you'll ever find, but no scarier an enemy either.

On this day I mourn the loss of innocent lives and celebrate the deaths of our enemies.

God Bless America. Amen.

*Rebel not in the "Confederate" sense, but in the Revolutionary War sense. Incidentally, many Hillbillies fought for the Union as did many of my ancestors. I know of only one branch (my mother's biological father's side) that owned any slaves (three, but I have no idea what their 'value' was). I don't know, but I'm assuming they were Confederates. Though they could have freed their slaves and then supported the Union. I can't be blamed for that past because I wasn't there and didn't have any control over it.

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