Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Year Later

The world has changed quite a bit since my dad died last April 1. I am sorry for all of my social inadequacies, especially the hermitness. Back in the old days in some cultures the grieving were allowed to be odd for a year or so. I feel pretty well beat up. I had hoped to have written a worthy eulogy by now, but the words just haven't happened. While losing my dad to cancer was painful, it might have been even worse to have seen him devastated by losing all of his retirement independence. His funds had already begun to drop in the year before he died. The coming market crash should have been more apparent to those who were gambling with his money. But I guess they figured they were getting-rich-quick and didn't care about the future.

I can hear him now talking about the anarchists and socialists throwing fits in London. "They hate capitalism but they love its money and technology." Socialism is just another get-rich-quick scheme, and it's a sham too. Without capitalism the socialists wouldn't have anything.

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