Monday, November 24, 2008

First Grade Report Card

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I like the little stick figure drawings that show the "deportment" progress. It's funny that I did not do so well at working quietly and finishing my work because those are the exact same problems that my sons have had in their beginning grades. My daughter has not had those same problems. And the reading grades are the lowest, probably because I had some unidentified "learning disability" or other condition that is nowadays labeled and widely accepted as a reason for slower reading progress.

It's funny that the height and weight are included. Such things are now considered politically incorrect and damaging to children's self esteem. ;-)

Also on the front and back are some interesting notes about development and the purpose of school.

"A child should be encouraged to face reality."

"A sense of humor is necessary for a good personality."

"We believe that schools should prepare a child to live in a democracy."

I certainly don't see these things spelled out on my kids' modern report cards, and it is unfortunate that such practical and common sense has been abandoned by the educators, who are too worried about hurting self-esteem and other sociopolitical correctnesses, to really understand about healthy development and to instruct children how to grow into good citizens.

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