Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fancy Cement Pond

The title comes from The Beverly Hillbillies show I grew up watching. They called their swimming pool a "cement pond."

Well, ours isn't quite as fancy as theirs, but it's not too bad:

They just finished the fence today, but the pool itself has been done for a little over a month. We still have some landscaping, etc, to finish. The kids couldn't wait for the water to warm up, so they went swimming when it was still 68 degrees. Last week the water warmed to about 74 so I got in it too. But now it's colder again because we're having a cold snap. We can't wait until summer when it's consistently warm. And the way my body has been aching lately it will be very therapeutic too.

Here are pictures of the building process which began last October:

Well, since I didn't get to have a big party for my 40th birthday, maybe I'll just have a big pool party this summer. ;-)

I'm very pleased with the builders and recommend them to anyone in our area who's looking to build a pool.

Pools By Heritage

L & M Ornamental Iron (fencing)

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