Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney Drops Out

Today's political bombshell was Romney's announcement that he is suspending his campaign. I wonder if that decision had anything to do with my reversal of endorsement? Oh, I know correlation does not mean causation. ;-)

So now what? The media are basically saying now that the nomination is McCain's and that any of us evil conservatives that aren't happy about it are only hurting the party's chances and morale. Boo-hoo-hoo. Sorry, but my allegiance isn't with some party. I'm thinking that now the time is ripe for an Independent or Third Party candidate. I'm sick of the strategies and behind-the-scenes deals meant only to keep certain people in power, and those people are almost indistinguishable from each other.

I'm not bending over for McCain. He's gonna have to do a lot of singing and dancing to impress me. Who's the boss, anyway? Not the candidate who's running for office. He's supposed to whoo me and my vote. I'm not supposed to change my views to fit the choices. And maybe I'm a little bitter that my state is usually passed over and considered too "insignificant" to visit and work hard for our votes. It's all a stupid game to them, and we are reduced to pawns.

Obama is scary. All he talks about is change and building a "new nation." Sorry, but we don't need a new nation. This one is just fine, thank you. Sure, there are problems but not enough to warrant anyone thinking that it things need to be completely changed (destroyed?) and rebuilt. His speech on Tuesday night was full of "I'm going to give you this" and "I'm going to give you that." I was just waiting for him to throw in free powerchairs for everyone! ;-) (Maybe that could be a new energy-saving solution: people would have to get around in their Jazzy or Hoveround chairs instead of cars.)

Hey, how about this? I think that most problems could be solved if people would stop being whiny, spoiled-rotten babies who expect the government to provide everything for them. Health care? Eliminate the insurance companies and their middle-man tactics that only drive up costs and inequities for everyone. As it is now, two different people can end up paying widely varying costs for the same 5 minute doctor visit. How is that a fair business practice? Much of the "managed care" crap comes from Hillary's ideas in the early 1990s. But I guess most people don't remember that. Before "managed care" insurance companies weren't the discount clubs that they are now. It's all a scam. You pay the insurance company for discounted healthcare, but it's just a completely unnecessary step in the process of getting treatment. Back in the "old" days we directly paid the doctor $30.00 for the visit, everyone paid the same price, and the insurance was only used for very big, serious, expensive things like hospitalization. Anyone who thinks that some government healthcare program that is administered by the existing insurance companies is a good idea is living in koo-koo land.


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